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Never Weaken

by etcha

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Following their self-released full-length demo, Childhood, comes Never Weaken, 5 tracks of rockin’ out, sing-a-long pop-punk that represent the band at their best. Clocking in at 23 minutes, Never Weaken features 3 fan favourites re-recorded and two brand new tracks.


released December 17, 2010

Michael Healy - Bass.
Shane Masterson - Drums/Vocals.
Robert Murray - Guitar/Vocals.

Julia Mahon - Saxaphone on Laurels.

Recorded by Eoin Whitfield at The Hive Studios, Kilcoole.

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA.
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice.



all rights reserved


Toast Office Records Ireland

Toast Office Records is an Independent Record Label based in Dublin, Ireland.

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Track Name: Haircut
She comes over at eight
with guess who in her arms,
maybe later on if we’re lucky
we can watch pinocchio.
Now my parents are gone,
we can’t work the VCR,
well at least it’s bright outside
we can still have some fun.


Bed by ten, can’t keep my eyes open,
as you sketch in your pad
a picture of the kids that you babysit.
Now she’s downstairs,
the T.V’s on and the lights are off,
but I lay awake dreaming about your charcoal fingertips.

This is what I’m trying to make you,
this is how I’m trying to feel.

Well aren’t I lucky that you’re no thinker,
how else would I have you
hook, line and sinker nice try.

This is why I’m trying to be good
and when you come around to tomorrow
my hair will be cut.

These days it seems
you’re nowhere near,
even though I can hear
your piano through my walls,
I’d like to think
that we’re still friends.

Take care of me.
Track Name: Deep Blue
You are my anchor,
that’s why I drew one on your arm,
with bright red ink
I think there is a chance
that this could stick
no matter what.

No matter how deep the water goes,
no matter how strong the current,
let the tide take me out to sea
but don’t let deep blue get me,
because we are fragile,
at least that’s what it says on the side,
in bright red ink I think that we should ask,
why should that read this way up?

Come on honey,
we got to get our clothes off,
shut the door now
we want to stay too warm.

Just keep me in sight of the shore.
I’ll try not to struggle.
Track Name: Runamuk
Late last night
as we lay beneath the carpet
and sang through the indifference,
something in the words
sounded like “I can’t”,
and as we slept for endless minutes
and rejoiced in our arrogance,
all the wine we drank
came pouring through my hands.

If you don’t let me in,
then I won’t knock again,
these days growing thin.

I’d rather be among the humble
then be alone with you in my bed,
fall on my face to stumble,
I’d rather see you fall instead.

This place is open twenty four hours,
but I can’t find you anywhere.
My throat is fucked
and my liver is a killer on fire.
I can still see the wall
where I have sat impatient
and it still looks hard and cold.

If that is what you say
then I call you a liar.

You’re a liar.
Track Name: Best Served Chilled
We peel away our clothes,
from our flesh the juices flows
and stings my lips
you know I can’t believe
that in your eyes I’m not
a maudlin afterthought,
but that makes one of us
to say the least.

Do you feel that way too?
Will I see you soon?
Or is it safe to say that we are . . .

please don’t say you’re sorry
because I might break,
please don’t say forgive me
because I might break.

You’re my home
and that’s what you mean to me,
tell me baby,
what you mean to me,
as we lay in bed and laugh
in quarters, thirds and halves.
As we lay in bed and we laugh,
because we never feel so whole,
it’s like bubblegum for the soul,
dried up and stuck between my teeth,
and you know I’m not the sort,
the one to sell you short,
but lately you’ve left me
dead on my feet.
Track Name: Laurels
No time to rest on our laurels,
the summer’s routine has begun.

It’s not just that the binding’s creased,
I could forget it all but
I won’t let you let me,
because another shore has dried up
but I can smell sea in the air,
and your ship has sailed
with nets in tow,
some better things are left

Never weaken,
always seeking.

Never weaken your grip or you’ll lose me,
always seeking the lips that will soothe me.

Some better things are left
with hardy words in burlap sacks
for another day you said
but I can’t break down
this seven year tenth
without you around.